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Vacation Time!

Vacation Time!

It's nearing the end of summer but maybe you and your family are about to head out for one last vacation or get away. When one gets ready for a trip they are usually thinking about what to bring, where to go, and how to keep everyone safe and happy. All good things to think over and plan for, but what about "how will we remember these special moments, places, and things?" Well, that is what this little blog is about friends! I'm going to share a few unique ways to capture special moments that will allow you to remember your trip fondly, but not keep you so distracted from experiencing what you're doing! Grab your passport and get ready!

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Okay Y'all. So this first batch of pictures is from a family trip to the Grand Canyon and our road trip through the vast desert. When one is in the car for a few hours that is the time to keep your eyes open! We stopped at the known various road side destinations but the ones that are off the map can be the funnest ones to photograph. This gal loves Dinos and so we pulled over when we saw this rare roadside stop. So, keep eyes peeled for things or places that resonate with one or all of your traveling buddies. Especially if they are HUGE and painted with bright colors.

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When you are taking photos, find interesting or weird ways to capture your (or a buddys) reflection. In glasses, water, a car door, etc. This can make some really cool self portraits! It also allows you to work your photographers 'eye' in the way you have to pay close attention to what is in the reflection.

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READY?! SET! ACTION! Take those action shots friends. My sweet man was pumped to try out this rope to get him a cow (or wife). I just turned on my quick shutter setting to capture his movement while he threw the rope a few times. Find action opportunities while out and about.

Vaycay 66 2017.jpg

Pay attention to the little things. We made it to the Grand Canyon and man, it was grand! Don't get me wrong, I took a lot of 'normal', 'touristy' pictures to show how big it was, but this lock fence caught my eye. The names, the colors, they all are different and unique. While I don't know the stories behind these locks, whenever I see this picture it will remind me of our amazing day by the canyon.

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The LARGE group photo can leave all involved feeling annoyed and frustrated...but not if you are prepared. First, find a spot that is isolated enough where crowds won't add to the stress. Second, use a tripod of sorts and a remote. TRUST me, you, or the photographer doesn't want to be running to and from the camera. Third, set everyone one up first, and then go adjust your camera settings while they warm up and practice smiling. Then lastly, place yourself and shoot. Take a couple photos and be sure to cheer on your people..."Smiles! We're on Vacation! Funny Faces!" And if your crew is as amazing and fun as mine was the picture will come out brilliantly!

This last batch of pictures will show some traces of what I've already gone over but there are a few more things to think about when you are traveling about! Here we go to Washington DC!

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Take pictures of your traveling buddies taking in the views, relaxing, or doing something they do best! Highlight your friends alongside the big attractions and it can make your memories not so cookie cutter (aka simple standing or posing).

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Take pictures of your food! But not really. Take pictures WITH your food! I mean those funny pictures of posed dishes are for the chefs and true foodies. I had my man take this photo of me and my ice cream. Seeing this makes me remember it was so hot that we were dying for something cool and then we found fun food trucks with ice cream, but more than that I remember the full fun day of museums and walking around.

DC 2018 2.jpg

Again with reflection!!! I love this photo due to the Washington Monument being a center focus in those glasses! And I mean the guy is really cute too. Again, it doesn't have to be in glasses, it can be in a wall! The Vietnam Memorial is one of my favorite walls and this photo has great depth due to the reflection of the people and myself in it.

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Change up the perspective! When you're traveling it's best to think of different ways to capture what's right in front of you. While it's fun to do the normal 'touristy' pictures and selfies you can make magic with just a change of angle or focus! In the Library of Congress I found this beautiful lady and instead of taking her picture straight from the front I chose a different angle to capture that amazing ceiling as well. When at the National Cathedral we took a stroll through the Bishop's Garden and while taking a quick photo of these lovely flowers I was struck by the cathedral right behind them, power and beauty all in one. I just made the flowers be the main focus and the cathedral is like a delicate addition in the background.

DC 2018 6.jpg
DC 2018 7.jpg

And to bring it all back home...choose moments to fully be present. Find something to photograph that speaks to your own soul. Even if it's a leaf! Immerse yourself in the moment that you choose and you may be delighted at how inspired you become, not just as a photographer but as a human.

I hope you enjoyed traveling through these tips with me! Even if you just road trip down to the park, take the time to stretch your creative wings for the last few days of summer!

-Cheers to Life!


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