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It's here I document my experiences as a lifestyle and dance photographer in Tulsa, OK. Cozy up in your favorite chair, grab some coffee, and stay awhile!

Unapologetically Unique

Unapologetically Unique

When one embraces their own uniqueness, their true potential and power shines through. I came up with this thought this morning while editing my fall minis. It has been a journey over the last couple of months. I have been fighting anxiety and uncertainty about my work as a creative. I couldn’t log on to Facebook or Instagram without feeling completely insignificant and left behind or left out. My success and worth was being based solely on followers, likes and shares. I lacked inspiration, I lacked backbone. My life wasn’t unfolding the way I had anticipated…but that’s where healing, growth, and joy began to take hold. Recently I have come to terms that my vision and eye for beauty is unique and drastically different from the crowd. Not just in my photography, but as an individual as well. I have always struggled to fight for acceptance. I would sacrifice my own views, emotions, and ideas just to fit into a mold that you had of me. I would be my parents Angelyn, my husbands Angelyn and my friends Angelyn. But I would never allow myself to be my own, unique, joyful Angelyn. Because, what if that isn’t enough?

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So fast forward to this morning. The past months I have felt my higher power challenging me, shaping me, and reminding me that I only have one life. This life is temporary. So when will I embrace my uniqueness? When will I step into my true potential and power? What if it IS enough? So I come to you today to share that I don’t have this life plan figured out but, I am learning truths that will shape my story. Maybe you are where I am today or can say you have conquered your own journey towards uniqueness. I want to live a life worthy of legacy for ME. I want to shine brightly and not base my worth on material or false truths. I want to be truly Angelyn.

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Friends, may your journey bring you power. May you know you are enough. May this temporary life be all it can be, even it’s not the way you thought it would be. I am standing with you.

-To Life!


Vacation Time!

Vacation Time!